How it all started

It all started with the purchase of a Nike Sportwatch and a promise to my husband: he’ll buy the watch only if I promise to use it.  Cool, I said.  I just wanted the watch because of how it looked.  I mean, have you SEEN this watch?  Hours on TOP of the minutes?  How artsy-fartsy!  At the time, I was a mother of preschooler and a toddler.  I was go-go-go all the time.  I didn’t work out.  I used to work out before I got married, but now I didn’t have time.  I was 15 pounds overweight, my youngest was about to turn two.  Sure, I’ll use this watch.

Then, my husband bought my new shoes…  I had to try them out.

I started with half a mile there, a mile there.  My pace wasn’t great.  11-12 minute miles.  I told my sister and my friends that run about my pace and they said that I was already faster than a lot of people.  That pushed me to go further, and I kept at it for four months straight.  I ran 6 days a week, got my pace to 9 minute miles and lost about 10 pounds!  I found a high while running.  It was WONDERFUL!

Then I got pregnant again.  I was afraid that I’d lose my dedication when I had to stop, but the opposite actually happened.  I’d get so jealous of the runners I’d see while driving to work.  I kept telling myself that I’ll do it again.

I gave birth in early 2013 to a healthy (and heavy) baby girl.  All of that thinking of running and running mantras I kept in my head must have spread to her because she loves to move her legs.  As soon as I was cleared, I went outside and hit the road.  Oh, yeah it was like starting over again.  I was 14 pounds overweight again.  My pace was slow.  The runner’s high didn’t come as I’d hope, but I kept at it.

It wasn’t until a month of running that it all came back.  The run was fantastic.  It was even better a second time around…

… And that’s what I want to share in this blog.  I want to share my experiences and hopefully inspire you like my friends and loved ones did for me.

5 responses to “How it all started

  1. your blog is great. i’ve recently gotten into running and like you – asked my husband for a running watch. i was trying to decide between nike and tomtom and i came across your site. your breakdown of the watches was fanstastic! thank you! oddly enough, seems like your from my same city! 🙂 good luck to you.

    • Hey JWM!

      It means a lot that you liked my review! I really want Nike to improve their SportWatch. It’s so motivating and positive. TomTom’s Runner is so straightforward so I have to rely on self reliance. That’s a lot harder!

      I’m so happy that you’re picking up running. It’s a WONDERFUL AND GRATIFYING sport. I hope running will show you that you can do anything you put your mind (and legs) to! Please drop by soon and let me know how you’re doing! I love hearing running stories!

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