Lunch-Time Running Tips

I find that my best runs are during work, in the heat of the day.  I get this great mental break, sweat off the stress, and I get to move my legs after sitting for three hours straight at my desk.  So you want to try running during your lunch break?  Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Discuss your plans with your supervisor, especially if you’re starting a training regiment.  Most training runs require at least 45 minutes, and you need time to cool down afterwards.
  • Check the weather the night before.
  • Pack your clothes and running gear, deodorant, baby powder, and other toiletries the night before.  I bring – running top, running bottoms (these usually have built-in underwear), extra undies, running bra, perfume, baby powder, running rain jacket, compression sleeves, my arm band for my phone, headphones, and my water bottle.  I’m always wearing my Nike+ SportWatch, and I usually wear my running shoes to work when I know I’m running that day.
  • Bring your lunch and plenty of snacks to snack on after your lunch run.  I also bring a cup of Carnation Instant Breakfast to drink immediately when I get to my desk.
  • Bring a tennis ball, golf ball, or a stick to massage any soreness away.  Snack ideas – grapes, raisins, apples, granola or oatmeal bars, peanut butter and crackers.
  • Plan your route ahead of time.  Lunch breaks are only SO long, and you can’t waste time by running to some unknown place.  Use a familiar place to run your route.
  • Remember to slow your pace down if it’s during the hot season (over 80F).  Usually, good runners slow down their pace by two minutes.  If you usually run 9′ then run at 11′.  It’s safer.
  • Bring an ID and your key card to get back into the building.
  • Hydrate.  Hydrate.  Hydrate.  Please do this BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your runs.
  • Realize that you may have to skip your run.  It is, after all, work.
  • Make sure you eat at least an hour before your lunch break, or take some energy snacks out on your run.  You’ll need more energy to run in the heat.

Lunch runs are pretty cool.  You’ll get some funny looks from some co-workers.  Don’t let them make you feel bad.  “They’re just jealous,” my mom says.  Happy running!!!

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