Today’s Mantra – Never Quit

A message to myself and to my football team!  :)

A message to myself and to my football team! 🙂

It was a cool and rainy morning and I went for a run.  I was all stuffed up this morning and the first mile was slow, but at times like these I think back to the sticker on my car.  “NEVER QUIT.”  I kept at it, coughed up some yuck, and I was fine!  I decided on a new route and found a dead end.  “Never Quit,” I said to myself and I turned around and ran down a new street and watched a family of raccoons cross the street.  I saw osprey nests in the trees once the sun came out.  It was pretty cool.

I came back from my run feeling great and I ran at a 10’+ pace, even with waiting at the crosswalks and walking.  YEAH!  I did a 40 minute yoga practice out on the porch when I got home.  It was nice with the morning breeze.  My kids woke up near the end of my practice and my son decided to pee in his pants.  Thank goodness he was outside with me.

I gave my son a bath, cooked their breakfast, drank my Instant Breakfast, washed my oldest daughter’s soccer uniform, changed and fed my youngest daughter, and now I’m writing today’s blog.  Whew!  All in a span of 4.5 hours!  I wonder what else will happen today?  “Never Quit” living life, keep smiling, find laughter in everything, I always tell myself and you should, too.  Happy running, folks!

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