A Testimony for a Healthy Back

I slept on my side last night.  I don’t know why I did it.  I was fully aware of what will happen, the aftermath.  I went for a run with 10 miles as my goal, but I only made it to nine all because of my back.  If things are out of alignment in my back, my IT band has no chance of getting past four miles.  Why?  Your body’s systems are all connected, especially your muscles, bones, and nerves.  In my case, my back was out of alignment because I slept on my side and I was so nervous about running with a group that I forgot to crack it.  Something in my back made a nerve twinge while I ran, and this particular nerve goes all the way down to my ankle.  This twinged nerved is now ten times more sensitive, so a tight IT band feels AWESOME (that’s sarcasm, folks).  This equals a hobbling Leilani at Nocatee’s Fitness Trail.

Solution: Sleep on my back and crack it.  Ugh.

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