Slow and Steady I Go!

Looks like I found the secret to my best high-mileage runs and/or running weeks…  Starting out slow, then maintain a steady easy pace.  Yeah, I know what you’re saying…  “DUH!”  It’s harder than you realize.  I know my body has the capability to go faster, and it likes to go faster.  It feels good to go faster, but it won’t feel good after a while and I’ve realized that.

My runs now start with a regular walk for about 500 feet, then I start on a slow jog at about 12′ miles.  Hahaha, yeah it’s slow.  My legs gradually speed up without me realizing it and I’m usually running at 8′ or 9′ miles.  That’s when I have to reign it in and go for 10′ or 10’30” miles.  I am consciously aware of my stride and I try to keep it shorter than usual, but wider than a shuffle.  The “shuffle” ends up hurting me in the end because it makes me so tense.  This brings me to the most important thing that I have changed…

Let go.  Before, I clenched my hands while I ran, my shoulders were high, and my legs were over striding.  Now I relax my shoulders, open and close my hands (sometimes I shake them out), and shortened my stride.  I also look around and entertain myself by watching things go by.  I loose myself in my music and I don’t think about my current pace (well, only to reign it in when I need to) or how long I’ve been running and just let my legs go.  I’ve had the best runs when I do this!  Try it and see what happens.  Happy running!!!

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