A Need to Run

Hello runners!!!

How did your holiday season go? Was it as busy as mine? Did you get some running in? I hope you did.

Right now I’m traveling north for a family emergency. My uncle isn’t doing too well, but we are staying positive. Yes we are. I’m still going to try to fit a run in before we get on the road tomorrow morning. Why? Because I need a run to center myself, get those endorphins pumping. Lord knows that I need some right now to keep this positivity going.

When you start running on a regular basis, a need develops for running. Have you experienced this yet? It’s not about being fit, or even looking good. This feeling develops and I think my body is addicted to it. My sister calls it “runners’ high.” It’s a wonderful feeling, almost ethereal. That’s what I need right now.

Please send some positive vibes and prayers for my uncle and his family. I would be most grateful. Happy running and blessings to you.

I'm running for these two, my Uncle just had a stroke and my aunt who's sitting vigil.

I’m running for these two, my Uncle just had a stroke and my aunt who’s sitting vigil.

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