A Diary of Sorts

I’m going to try something, something that I’ve been wanting to do but was too chicle or I didn’t want to sit down and just DO it… I’m going to write a personal account of my running. And, I’ll write it almost immediately after. So here goes!

Today’s four-miler was a late lunch run. I had a good cup of coffee, one peanut butter sandwich, and part of a Danish (but I gave it back after I found out there was dairy in it) before my run. I’m still paying for the Danish. *gurgle*

The temp was 54, with a wind chill of 48. It was cold and it took my legs about 1.25 miles to get warm enough to run at the pace I wanted. After that, it was easy and I ended up running at a 7’30”. As I ran, I thought about dancing with my husband on a dance floor, I thought about running into his arms, I thought about his smile. I also thought about my two businesses that I own. Before I knew it, I was .75 done!

Afterwards, I practiced yoga to stretch and calm myself. It was good. It was good. Cold, but good.



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