Loretta’s Two-Stage Massage for ITBS

Stage One – Foam Roller

  • Start with your paraformis – Place your foam roller on the floor or mat, and have a seat on it (not straddling).  Cross your right leg over your left, making sure that your right leg is bent 90 degrees at the knee, lean a little to the right and support your upper body with your right hand on the floor and SLOWLY roll your right glute on the roller.  If you find a tender spot, pause for 10 seconds, then rock slowly from side-to-side to work across the muscle.
  • Next, lift yourself up a tad and move the roller to work your right hamstring.  Lean back, holding your upper body up with both arms and slowly roll your hamstring over the roller, up and down the muscle.  If you find a tender spot, pause for 10 seconds.
  • Next, keep rolling your leg but now turn your body so that you move to where your IT band and hamstrings overlap.  Roll over this area a few times, pausing for 10 seconds on any tender spot.
  • Now roll your leg over and focus on the IT band area.
  • Now roll over the spot where your IT band and quads overlap, again pausing for tender areas.
  • Lastly, roll fully over and roll out your quads.
  • Do the same for the left leg.

Stage Two – Pressure Point Massage with a Ball

  • A small massage ball or a tennis ball can be used for this technique.
  • Have a seat on a mat, or on a non-slip surface
  • Place the ball underneath your right bottom, around the area where your back pocket would be, so you’re effectively sitting on this little ball.
  • Lift your right leg out in front of you, then bend the knee and bring your leg back towards you at a 30-degree angle (give or take).  Repeat two times.
  • Next, get back to a neutral position with your right leg still bent.
  • Clam your right leg towards your left leg twice.
  • Back to neutral, then clam your right leg to the outside twice.
  • Back to neutral, and place your right foot back on the ground.
  • Shimmy, or wiggle your hips to the left twice, then to the right.
  • Repeat this for the left side and remember to breathe.

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