Week 7

Week 7

Today is the second running day of Week 7 and it is pouring out.  Rain, rain.  Go away so Lei can go out and play.

I have a 4-mile Tempo Run to do.  Hopefully the heavy stuff will keep away so I can run for lunch.

Tips for running at work:

  • If you want to run at work, first check to see if it’s ok with your higher-ups.
  • Bring a whole set of running gear, including the undergarments.  It’s best to do a full change out after your run.  Helps with feeling fresh, especially when it’s hot out there.
  • Bring deodorant and baby power to keep the stink under control.  Cologne and perfumes are optional.
  • Raining?  Bring an extra pair of socks to keep your feet dry after your run.

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