Running with Mother Nature’s Gift

Okay, this post is definitely for the ladies.  Men, skip this if you’d like!

Tomorrow I’ll be running the farthest distance for me ever, 8 miles.  I’m all excited.  I’ve been waiting to go this distance for a while.  Then, BAM!  Mother Nature and her awesome self blessed me with that monthly gift us females so adore.  I used to have cramps in my abs, but ever since I gave birth in February my back feels like my body is forcing itself to bend backwards when I run.  That’s just the pain.

What about the hydration factor?  I still breastfeed so I have to keep up my liquids but the more I drink during these times, the heavier things are.

What do I do?  I make sure my black running shorts are clean!  HAHAHAH!  What do you do when your gift comes?

Do it, girl.

Do it, girl.

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