My First 8-Mile Run – SUCCESS!

On the Julington Creek Bridge.  Full Moon.

On the Julington Creek Bridge. Full Moon.


I took my time getting ready for this run.  Woke up at 5:30AM, surprised because I forgot that it was Saturday and that got me going.  I “made donuts” for my littlest baby while I watched “Chef Wanted” on the DVR and drank 32 ounces of water.  Ate a pack of gummies for some quick energy, dressed, kissed the husband, and I was out the door!

Saturday runs are always in the dark of the early morning so I always run with one earbud only so I can hear what’s coming my way.  However, I had to get the new iPhone and the headphone jack didn’t match up to my armband so I played my tunes on the external music.  I bet people laughed at my music selections!  My clothes are super reflective (except my for my shorts if its that time of the month) and I wear my reflective bands from Nathan.  One day I’ll invest in some kind of running headlamp with a flood light.

It was a cool morning and I had predetermined my route the night before so it was a no brainer.  This allowed me to enjoy the sights and relax.  Got on the Julington Creek Bridge as the sun was coming out and the water was so nice, then I looked at the railings and I saw so many full-grown black widow spiders and they were all the way along the bridge.  Yeah, I ran up and down that bridge really fast.  Hahahah!  I promised my oldest daughter that I would post a picture next time.

My favorite part of a long run is the point where I press the “End Run” on my Nike+ SportWatch and see what praise comes up.  Today I was surprised!  I got “Record Breaker” fireworks and music! My fastest 10K!  Whoo Hoo!  Love it when I break records!

I hope your Saturday run was an awesome one, too.  Keep it up!  Happy running!


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