Running with Pain

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone, and it just happened to me this morning. As I was coming to my last mile in my weekly long run, I got a dull pain on the outside of my right knee.  I tried “kicking it out” but the pain shot up to my right hip.  ACK!  When running with pain, your body and mind do a tug-o-war of sorts.  Your body is screaming to rest, while your mind is telling you to push through it.  So what did I do?  In two seconds, I thought about my situation –  I have people that are counting on me, and I have a race training to keep up with so I have to conserve.  This equated to REST.  Time and pace be damned.  I did some walking lunges, kicked it out, walked it out, then ran again.  🙂

Remember that everyone is different and it’s important to realize that sometimes you can’t keep up.  It’s alright.  There’s going to be another time that it’ll be YOUR turn to be the leader.  Just don’t quit.  Stay strong, and most importantly…  Stay injury-free!  Happy running my friends.

BTW – I beat my fastest 10K and my last 8-miler time by a whole minute.  Hehehhe.

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