Just Wakin’ Up in da Morning…

…gotta thank God.  I don’t know, but it seems kinda odd…

I’m running on a Sunday.  I haven’t ran on a Sunday since 2012!  I got rained out yesterday, and when I say “rain,” I mean “can’t see in front of your face.”  I ain’t no chicken!

Another difference is that I’m running with a group for a first time.  Yes, I’ve ran in races before, but never trained with a group.  I’m excited.  We will run for two hours and see how far we get.  My goal is 10 miles on my bum right leg.

Speaking of my bum right leg, I have invested in Epsom salt and Tiger Balm.  I’ve soaked my leg in the salt bath once, but it was in my garden tub, which is WAY too big.  I’ll try to kids’ tub after the run.  And, I’ll give a full review of Tiger Balm after today’s run.  I am about to rub some on before I leave the house.

I also tried on new shoes yesterday.  So far I liked Asics’ Kayano and Brooks’ Ravenna.  Then as I was comparing them to my Brooks Ghosts, my hubby and I realized that my old shoes have worn down already!  So, I will be running in my Asics Nimbus since they have less miles on them.  I have a feeling that I’ll need more support for any potential over pronation!

I’m nervous about today’s run.  I hope I don’t slow my sister down (oh yeah, I’m running with her, too).  Nice and slow and steady.  Never quit.  I can do it.  Happy running (on a Sunday)!

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