Wine and Dine Costume Idea!

The perfect mantra for this year’s Wine and Dine. Found this on Pinterest.

On the second half of my long run yesterday, I started thinking about if I was dressing up for the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  Why not, I asked myself.  My thoughts brought me to how far I’ve come and which Disney Princess best personifies me right now.  My name is “Leilani” so why not Leia?  Nah.  Princess Jasmine is always the go-to-Princess for me.  Nah, not this time.  Belle?  Aurora?  Nah…

Then came the epiphany!  I’m going with the Princess that never quit, who set goals and achieved them…  TIANA!  As a mommy, a wife, and a person who works full-time, I can’t quit.  I, too, constantly make goals and I HAVE to achieve them.  Tiana is the perfect Princess for me.


Going to try to make this for the Wine and Dine. Thanks, SparklyRunner!

If I’m pressed for time, I can buy this from

Are you running a race soon?  Are you dressing up?  What or who are you dressing up as?  Will you be making the costume, or buying it?  Reply below and let me know!  Good luck and happy running!

3 responses to “Wine and Dine Costume Idea!

  1. That’s a perfect idea for W&D – especially since Tiana is all about goood foods!

    I will be doing the W&D as well and will be dressing as Sully from Monster’s Inc. He’s my absolute favorite so when I was at Disney last I bought one of the Mickey hats that is Sully-styled w/ fluffy blue fur and his horns. I’ll probably just wear blue running gear for the rest of the costume since a fuzzy hat seems to be commitment enough 🙂

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