Product Review: Jaybird’s BlueBuds X

Hey everyone!  Another LegItLeilani product review here.  This time I am reviewing the Jaybird BlueBirdX Bluetooth earbuds.

Ear tips and

Ear tips and ear cushions.  Mix and match the three sizes for a customized fit.

BlueBudsX from Jaybird

BlueBudsX from Jaybird

A look at the BlueBudsX ear tips and

A look at the BlueBudsX ear tips and ear cushions.

Before I even begin, let me say that this product was a birthday gift from my husband, and Jaybird has not contacted me to do a review.  I just want to share my experience and help fellow runners and walkers!

Unboxing was very easy.  There are neon-green pull ribbons to assist in opening and moving packaging.  In the box was:

  • BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Buds
  • 3 pair ear tips (S,M,L) none installed.
  • 3 pair secure fit ear cushions (S,M,L)
  • 2 X-Fit cord management clips
  • Standard Micro USB Cable
  • Premium Protective Carry Case
    BlueBudsX carrying case

    BlueBudsX carrying case

    The charger cable in the carrying case.  It's a clam shell with a magnetic close.

    The charger cable in the carrying case. It’s a clam shell with a magnetic close.

According to the instruction manual, you can wear these either under-the-ear, or over-the-ear.  I chose under-the-ear because that’s what I’m used to running with.  The over-the-ear is an “advanced” setup according to the manual so I figured…  K.I.S.S.  Heheh.   Instructions are in tiny print, but the design is clean and easy to understand.  The unit comes pre-charged, but I went ahead and gave it a full charge.  It took less than 2 hours.  Supposedly this unit has 8 hours of playback on a 2-hour charge.  It also says in the manual that you can get a 90-minute playback on only 30-minutes of charging.  Hmm…

Fit – The key to these earbuds is comfort.  I went through several pieces of ear tips and ear cushions before I found my COMBINATION, medium ear tips and small ear cushions.  These earbuds are heavier than your typical Yurbuds, but once you run, you don’t feel them.  I can wear these all day at work if I get the ear cushions on right.

Bluetooth Connection – Connecting to a device is easy.  Just hold the middle button for 4 seconds while your device is searching for your BlueBudsX.  Boom.  Done.  As far as the connection itself, the only time the BlueBudsX have dropped signal was when I was more than 30 feet away from my iPhone or laptop!  Wow!

First Outing – My first run with these was a quick four-miler on a familiar route, so I was able to concentrate on the fit and sound.  It was a lunchtime run with sleet and flurries.  The BlueBudsXs canceled most outside noise so you have to turn your music down to hear traffic.  I could hear my muffled foot pounding but it didn’t bother me.  I’m used to it.  Unlike my old noise cancelling headphones, the BlueBudsXs are weather-proof and sweat-proof, and they don’t dig into my ear canal.  The earbuds never came loose, and I got used to running with them very quickly.  I ran with a hood and a hat on and not once did the BlueBudsXs come out.  Wearing them with my hood was actually very comfortable.

After my first run with my BlueBudsX

After my first run with my BlueBudsX.  I’m wiped out!

Conclusion – I think these BlueBudsX by Jaybird are pretty good!  Since my first run with them went very well, I will be using these during my first marathon on Sunday.  I just hope my phone will have enough battery life!  I’ll include a small review in my post race report!  Stay tuned and happy running!

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