It’s been a while…

Hey loyal readers! It’s certainly been a freaking LONG TIME! I’m sorry. I’ve had so many things happen:

  • I have taken three side jobs
  • I lost my uncle recently 
  • My kids have their own issues that need tending to
  • My kids got me sick

Ugh. I may have been busy, but I never slacked in my training! I only missed one training run this time around! Whoo hoo!  

I did, however, run out of my favorite Arbonne chocolate protein and forgot to reorder on time. Now it’s a couple of days out to the Gate River Run and I’m without!!! To substitute, I’ve been consuming a lot of peanut butter but it’s not the same. Not at all. I can’t change anything up because it’s so late in the game. I hope I survive!!!  

Wish me luck this weekend!

Do you have a race this weekend? Soon? Lemme know, and good luck to YOU! 

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