Another “It’s Been a Long Time”

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Well a lot has changed in my life…

  • Chronic pain is my life – Since last September, my migraines have been an almost daily thing.  I feel that my face has aged from reacting to the pain.  One new development is the stabbing pain in my ears during my painful attacks.
  • I get so tired – after the LONG attacks, the ones that last several days, I get SO tired.  I’m worn out.
  • I can feel my mind slipping – not only do I suffer from chronic pain, but I suffer from memory loss.  I also can’t multitask anymore, and I can’t stand it.  I used to be THE multitasker.  I used to work in television trucks, man.  C’mon.  I used to be able to work with the radio, the television, or a movie on.  Now if I hear one little conversation across the room, I. am. paralyzed.  I can’t do anything.  My coordination is off sometimes, too.  Speaking can be difficult on some days.  Most of my attacks are painless, but I’m numb on one side of my face, my right arm, and I can’t understand what’s going on around me.
  • I completed my first clinical research study – it was a good experience.  I was administered 6 shots every week for two months, and the medicine worked.  For a good two weeks, I woke up like I used to (without pain and I was sharp as a tack), and I didn’t feel the weather change when I was in Orlando, Florida!  Well, that was then, and I’m back to the first two bullet points.  I’m currently waiting for my new prescription for Amovig.  It’s from the same company that I did the trial for, so hopefully it’ll work too.
  • Running is still my go to “abortive” medicine – when I am able to, and when I am not too much in pain – I will run my HEART OFF.  But the NEW THING is that there are times when running will instigate an attack and I don’t like it.  The fact that the thing which brings me joy and freedom can cause me pain…  it’s almost heartbreaking.
  • I have added biking to my “medicine cabinet” – Biking helps me run faster, but I wish I could say that it’s always a good thing when I bike, but I can’t.  My back hurts a lot sometimes during the ride, and I have to immediately massage or medicate afterwards to avoid an attack.

I think that’s enough for now.  I’m getting tired.  I hope you have a pain-free day, and I hope you voted.  Exercise your civic duty.  Happy running, peeps.

PS – I’m hoping my next race is the WDW Half Marathon, AKA “Donald” in January.  I’ve never ran “Donald” before, only Mickey.  Also, maybe I’ll run “Donna” but it’s on a special occasion…  so…  maybe not…  Is there another full marathon out there that I should aim for?  Something that will help me mentally get over this neurological disease I have?  Ugh…  help.

Crap.  There goes my head.

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