Encouragement is Always Welcomed

I forgot to pack a lunch today so I had to venture out and figure out what I was going to eat.  I decided to hit Flame Broilers because I was thinking about meat and veggies, and noticed that Jacksonville Running Company was across the street.  I walked over and thought that maybe they could give me advice about my knee and what to do about a quick recovery.

I met Loretta and told her my situation.  She’s experienced the same and pulled out every toy that could possibly help me to get on the road again.  We went through different straps and braces and tried “running” with each one.  I picked out the Pro-Tec Athletics IT Band Wrap with compression pad.  She even showed me how to put it on properly (I’ll make a video soon).

Then she showed me a two-stage foam roller and pressure point techniques to help my injury and to help prevent new ITB flare ups.  Basically, you have to take care of the WHOLE leg by massaging the muscles the are overlapped by the IT band – your hamstrings, your quadriceps, and your paraformis (the area where a back pocket would be on your jeans).

She also encouraged me and told me things are going to be okay.  “Think about [these exercises] as training.  You’re still training.”  This totally made my day because I didn’t look at it that way.  I AM training my hips and muscles.  Taking time off IS part of the training and all runners go through this.  I am not alone and it feels okay now.  (And yes, I cried at the store when she told me this.  I got a hug.  I needed it!)  I hope that my realization helped you if you’re feeling the same way.  You’re not alone and rest is good, too.  We’ll get back out there.  Don’t worry.  Happy running AND resting!

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