Training – Weeks 12 and 13

A view of the Disney Dream

A view of the Disney Dream

Running with a leg that’s out of whack sucks.  Running with a leg that’s out of whack while on vacation is even worse!

I took three run days off, went on a cruise and made a goal to run on Friday while in the Bahamas with my husband.  Big fail.  My right leg was so out of alignment that I couldn’t get past one mile without pain.  My hubby also saw me collapse from pain for the first time.  He had no choice but to book me for a deep tissue massage.

Never have I screamed/yelled/squirmed during a massage session.  The outcome was:

  • My calves are so tight, they were like concrete
  • I have a huge build up of lactic acid, and I need to massage my legs to help circulate blood to heal the tightness
  • BOTH legs are affected
  • I need to detox, take an alkaline bath, or rub something like tiger balm on my sore muscles
  • My yoga practice has made me very flexible (yes!) but I need to add massage to my routine

I tried running the Castaway Cay 5K route the next day on Castaway Cay and my legs were still sore from the massage and only got to two.  I was sad, but still determined.  I massaged my legs at the beach and did a little yoga to keep limber.

I took a rest day the next day (Sunday), then ran on Monday with my hubby.  I felt GREAT!  I started out SLOW and only ran two miles because I wanted to pick up where I left off in training.  I slowed down at the end because I’m still a little scared to tell you the truth.  I’m hoping to run the next five on Wednesday with minimal problems and make it back home in a good time.  Wish me luck and happy running to you!

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