Product Review: The Stick’s Little Stick


Foam rollers are great, but I can’t use them at work so my husband bought me this: the Little Stick.

At first glance, I thought that this Little Stick was nothing but a glorified rolling pin that my kids could use in their play kitchen. It is anything but! At about 15″ long and a little more than an inch in diameter this Little Stick is the perfect size to bring to the office or pack in your running sack.

Here’s how it works: As you roll the stick up and down your leg, the six plastic rings mold to your body’s surface and knead your muscles. You can roll lightly and you still feel the effects afterwards.

I’ve used the Little Stick after all if my runs in January. It really gets those sore calves going again. The pain is most gone after I roll for a minute, and I’m only using light pressure. Lately, I’ve been using it for my upper quadriceps too and it feels great. I find that the foam roller is best for large muscles and large areas, while the Little Stick is wonderful on the small areas that need more focus.

I definitely recommend The Stick’s Little Stick for every runner out there. Definitely worth every penny! You can find it on!



4 responses to “Product Review: The Stick’s Little Stick

  1. If you have done or will do the Dinseyland/Tinker Bell half marathon weekend, after running any/all the races and walking the parks, the little stick fits nicely in your backpack that you take to Disneyland. During a meal or riding the train around, a little rolling does wonders.

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