Rain or Shine, You Should Run!

The saying goes that you should train for the conditions of your race. If it’s an early morning race, your long runs should be in the early mornings too.

What about if it rains during your long run window, you ask? Get out there! The truth is that you don’t know how Mother Nature is going to treat race-day so you need to “teach” your body how to run in the rain. Most races are not cancelled unless there is lightning in the vicinity or conditions are dangerous. You need the experience!

Today’s run window conditions was cold rain so I wore a long sleeve shirt, capris, calf compression sleeves, and my reflective running jacket with a hood. It’s warm enough for the initial chill but light enough for the sweat of mile-10. I sweat in the coldest weather so I have to dress in layers. Other accessories:
– iPhone and headphones
– two 8-ounce water bottles, one on my running belt and one handheld
– handful of vitamin-C Stingers energy gummies

Usually when I hit the first mile, I’m sweating already, so I’m tying my jacket around my waist by then. I wish I didn’t do that today! I should have kept my jacket on! I was soaked to the bone when I got back home, but now I know what to expect if it rains during the race.

After running in today’s cold rain, I am armed with experience. I know if it’s cold and rainy, like it was today, I my body will run a little slower. Also, I need to keep my legs muscles warmer. I experienced more tightness post run today. I know what to wear. I hope I gave you some food for thought and inspired you to get wet and run in that rain. Happy running!


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