Don’t Get Jealous – Be Inspired!

This morning during my easy run, I was passed by two youngins who looked to be high-school aged.  They were a pair, and talking with each other.  They gave me a smile and wave and passed me with ease.  I looked down at my watch and I was already running a 9’15”.

I smiled back at them, waved, and watched how effortless it was for them to run and talk.  As I wondered how they could do that, I started daydreaming, as I do during my Saturday runs, and I was brought back to my very first fun run.  I was in third grade, so I was about 9 years old and we were dropping off my sister for her 1-mile River Run Fun Run.  Notice I said “her.”  A group of my friends from school were also there, and they were yelling at me and trying to convince me to run.  I wasn’t dressed to run.  I was wearing my school Sliders and a pair of jeans.  I looked at my dad, and he said “go ahead, honey,” and I got out of the car as our friends cheered.  I ending up running a 6:38 mile in Sliders and jeans.

And now almost thirty years and three kids later, here I was, running a 7′ 40″ – 9’20” pace.  “Wow,” I say to myself, “I used to be those girls,” and that thought made me happy.   I gave thanks to God for making me realize that, and thanks to those youngins for inspiring me.  Now I say to you, especially to you fast runners…  Think about this as you pass the slower runners on your weekend long runs, smile and wave to them as you pass.  Do it in a nice way.  If you see them struggling, say something to pick them up.  Be the inspiration!

True words.

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