Protein Time!


I have a confession: I adore protein, any kind of protein. And I love salt, too. Sugar? I never had a sweet tooth. A chocolate bar is safe with me. However, put an almost empty packet of soy sauce in front of me and it will disappear instantly!

But I digress. This is about my protein confession. I have a new love for protein shakes, particularly whey and pea or another veggie protein. I’ve tried all sorts. My favorites:
Arbonne’s Chocolate Protein Shake: the best tasting in my opinion, 20g of vegan protein + 20 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s a little higher on the sugar scale, but at only 180 calories per serving and the ability to curve my appetite for an average of six hours might be worthwhile to you!
Labrada’s Pro-V 60: this one’s for the serious lean muscle builders out there. The taste is good and it best to take before you go to bed for muscle recovery because it contains a blend of amino acids. It has 30g of protein in one scoop, and very low on sugar. The bad thing about this protein shake is that it lacks the vitamins and minerals. I mix mine with a banana, strawberries and other fruit and berries.
Muscle Milk’s Lean Muscle Protein Powder: not the best tasting on its own, but it has the best of both worlds… 16g of protein, 20 essential vitamins and minerals, 2g of sugar, and 150 calories per scoop. I definitely put a banana in this one because it NEEDS the taste!

What my other sources of protein?
– Peanut Butter: this is my go-to protein. Sure it’s fatty, but if you’re a serious runner like me, you NEED the fat! If I don’t have any powder available, I use PB in the blender with almond milk, banana, and cocoa mix.
– Can of Tuna: at 22g of lean protein, you can’t go wrong. Just be prepared for stinky breath. Have gum handy after lunch.
– Turkey: 80 calories and 11g of protein.

What are your beloved sources of protein?


2 responses to “Protein Time!

  1. I love using whey protein in soomthies! But i mostly love getting protien from kidney beans and tofu. And if there is no whey around, tofu blended in smoothies work too

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