Changing it Up

Lately, I’ve noticed a decrease in my pace and an increase in pain in my left leg so I’ve decided to ease up. I mean, it’s only April 25 and I’ve run 65+ miles. Shoot. I’ve run 20+ just this week!

I think I’m gonna run 4-milers four times a week until I start training for my next half in October. Then, I’ll be really ramping it up for my next marathon in January!

Yes, it hurts my ego. Yes, my legs are sore. Yes, this change is hard to swallow, but it is necessary if I am to run injury-free. I will keep watching you and my friends run their races and I will keep cheering you on, especially when I see improvement in your paces! 

Please, please, please keep up your walking and running. There are a lot of people that wish that they can do what you do! Feel free to post your personal records below! I love to see what you’ve done! Happy injury-free running!

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