Race Recap: 2015 Beson4 Corporate Run 5K


Hi Ho, Leilani here with another race recap!  The Beson4 Media Group Corporate Run is a 5K run/walk open to employees of corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, and individuals.  This year, the Virtual Runners of SMT was made up of myself and 7 of my co-workers, and together we became part of the 3,030 finishers!  Our team ran in the Media and Communications division.  (Just in case you’d like to see what our company is all about…  SMT is our mother-company.  Here in Jacksonville, we have two companies – IDS and (n+1)designstudio)

It was a gloomy day, breezy and very humid and sprinkled occasionally.  It was one of those days when it’s difficult to decide to wear long-sleeves or wear a tank.  I picked a tank and capris – best of both worlds, I guess.  I didn’t go for a warm-up run this time because I wanted to do my duty as team captain.  I had to make sure that everyone had what they needed.  I brought a kajillion safety pins, and I’m glad I did!

I had nasal congestion and a hearty cough, but I felt okay enough to run.  Also, Mother Nature delivered her gift the day before, and so with both of these factors going against me I decided to go for an attainable goal of 25 minutes.  It was a good thing that I didn’t seed myself.  I gave the band to my friend/co-worker Chris Hayes instead.

Corporate Run Course Map 2010

The 2015 Corporate Run 5K route

This is a really competitive race.  Last year, I ran my fastest 5K in this race.  Even though I was sick and “in the red” this year, I managed to beat my PR by 8 seconds (a 24:44 gun time) and I WALKED this year.  Boo.  Yah.  I think I was able to manage this only because of how fast this race is.

My team also did really well.  The Men finished in 4th place in the division, while the Women finished in 5th.  (We didn’t place last year because we only had two people participate.  Hehehe.)

I’m going to take a well deserved running rest this weekend, get the house cleaned and such.  Then it all starts again on Monday!  Happy Running!

Did you participate in your city’s corporate run?  How did you do?  Lemme know down below!


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