Random Thoughts on a Run

Here are some of my thoughts from this weekend that I can remember:

Man, the least you can do is shorten your damn dog’s leash when I run by!  Eff!

[on a scheduled 2-miler]
I can sneak in three. 

[after finishing three miles] Lemme go for four. Wait, should I go for four? The kids said run just two. Ryan (my husband) is going to wonder what’s taking so long. Shit. Lemme turn back. 

Oh God. Can I hold this poop for 2.5 more miles? Oh! The gas station is only half a mile away. I could go there… Oh! The park! Lemme cross the street. Oh thank God! I can’t hold it!

[while I’m passing others runners who don’t smile or wave back at me] HA! I. Am. Awesome. That’s what you get for not smiling at ME!

[while I’m passing other runners that are slower than I am but who are trying] Don’t give up! I was just like you. I hope you don’t give up. 

Holy crap it’s hot. 

Hey… Do I know her?

Look at that lady. I wonder how far she ran today?

Whew! Almost home. 

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