First week of training complete, but…

I was able to keep my pace to just above 9’00” during this morning’s long run. My plan called for me to keep my average pace at 9’49” but it’s difficult for me to slow to that pace without walking. It’s actually painful to run that slow. My form changes and my legs and back starts to hurt, and the Florida heat affects me more. Ugh. I hope that I don’t make my legs too tired for my races. 

Do you guys have any advice? Am I okay at this pace now? It’s a whole minute slower than my current pace. What do you think?

5 responses to “First week of training complete, but…

  1. I suppose this it the issues when following plans, unless it’s been tailored to suit, you’re going to face issues like this. But if it’s painful, like proper painful and not just the kind you get from trying something new, then I’d run at your pace.

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