Canned Tuna: Not Just Cat Food

You may be saying, “Canned tuna? Eew. Stinky!” But don’t plug your nose yet! Tuna is a GREAT source of protein, perfect for helping muscle recovery! Tuna is my go-to protein and I usually eat it plain with slices of toast (I love toast!). 

  • A typical can of tuna is about 2 servings, totaling only 100 calories 
  • That’s a total of around 22g of protein (boom!)
  • Zero sugar (unlike a protein shake with artificial sweeteners!)
  • It’s relatively inexpensive 

Eating it plain will take some getting used to, your co-workers might tell you to eat your lunch REALLY fast, and you might have to shoo the cats away, but your legs will thank you the next day! I promise you! Happy running!

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