Proud Member!

I have joined the National Bone Marrow Registry!

After an easy 3.5 miles, I became a member.  It was easy. I went to and filled out the short questionnaire about myself, family history, and my medical history. Now all I have to do is wait for the sample kit to arrive. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m a good candidate. 

When I answered questions about my medical history, I realized how blessed I am to be in good health. I also reaffirmed my belief that what I’m doing is right. My fight with migraines was nothing compared to what I can only imagine what cancer patients go through. I am so far “cured” of the pain (I still have auras), and I wish for the same relief to all cancer patients, especially to my friend Chantha. 

So, yes, as soon as I reach my goal of $4900, I will wear a shaved head in honor of my friend’s struggle and all cancer patients everywhere. I will enter the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge and run the longest distance ever in my life in four days. And all through my fundraising and training, I will keep the following song in my head:

Try Everything” by Shakira

What song do you have in your head? What’s your mantra? Share below. And please visit my GoFundMe page or my Team In Training page to help me end cancer for my 40th birthday! 

Thanks for reading and happy running!

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