Running Log 9/17/19 – Starting Over

After my last entry (Migraine City), I got really bummed about missing my run.  I went to check which runs I’d be skipping on my training schedule and noticed that my race day was scheduled THREE MONTHS TOO EARLY.  Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad.  I promptly readjusted my training schedule, took a week off, went fishing and kayaking, and enjoyed my week off.  Well, I still cross trained every day.  I will not skip that!

Me at by the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, enjoying a good day of fishing ON A SATURDAY!

My son and I at our neighborhood pond after I came home from work.

I caught this little stinker on a day off from running.


And now we come to TODAY.  Ran a two-miler with Jenny at night.  It was her first night run, and she did well.  I tried to take it easy, but I love going all out sprints in the intersections.  There’s something about seeing 4’30” or low 5’s on my watch that makes me feel great.  🙂

It was strange that Jenny was pooped after two miles. I guess it takes a lot out of her to run in the dark.


Tomorrow I should be running another two miler and I will need to take it EASY.  There are many more miles to come!

Week 1 Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
Monday, September 16, 2019 Rest 2 miles 2 miles 2 miles Rest 8 miles 2 miles 16 miles


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