1st Half-Marathon DONE!

Showing off my medal and puffy eyes.  Thanksgiving this year was very emotional!

Showing off my medal and puffy eyes. Thanksgiving this year was very emotional!

The Subaru Distance Classic started 10 minutes late and we had to run in 20-30 degree windy weather.  It was a first for me in a lot of cases – 1st long distance race, 1st half, 1st time running in frigid weather…  Whew!  But I did it!  Finished in 2:35:05 chip time!  That’s with two instances of waiting in line for the porta-potty, too!  I’m impressed with myself!  My sister and my friends ran it too, with some setting some awesome PRs.  One day I will finish a half under 2 hours, too!  WHOA!

I only walked three times, once at mile-11 and at mile-12.  I started realizing I was really close when I saw other runners with medals on their neck cheering us on.  The run went by so fast, and the scenery of the Mandarin neighborhoods was so beautiful.  I didn’t know all of that historical stuff was there (I love history).  But the best part of the race was when I saw ALL of my friends who ran the race and my husband cheering me on at the finish line!  I was already happy that I was about to finish, but seeing them put me over the edge and…  NIAGARA FALLS!

My knees were sore, which was expected, but my LEFT leg got tight at the end!  Sheesh!  Now I have to focus on that leg!  I think it’ll be quick recovery since I had the same experience with my right leg and now I know what to do.  I’ll let you know how the day after goes. Going go to Disney World!

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