Moving On to Becoming a Princess

I made this wallpaper to keep me motivated at work.  Oh yeah!

On my way to “becoming” Princess Jasmine!


I think that the hardest part of moving on to the next long distance race is deciding HOW to train.  What worked for me the last time?  Most training regiments are 22-weeks long, but I only have 79 days left until the race.  Where on the training calendars do I start?  The Galloway/Princess method has a calendar associated with it, and it has me running on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 45 minutes, then either a long run or speed intervals on Saturdays.  Hmm…  I used the Runner’s World Smart Coach training calendar last time.  It was fine, but I felt that it ramped up the mileage a little fast.  But I guess since I’m already in the high miles, I’ll be fine.  That’s it.  I created a new plan on the Runner’s World Smart Coach and it says I gotta run 2 miles today.  Heehehe.  The “Jacksonville Jaguars 24-hour rule” is in effect!  Moving on.  Lemme rest first.  I’m sick!

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