Lesson Learned!

Yesterday, I decided to layer up since it was so cold out.  I put on my running tights, then put on a pair of capris.  My running tights are a slick reflective material, and my capris are a thicker technical material from Saucony.  As soon as I hit the first mile, I felt my capris slip all the way down to my behind.  THEY WERE FALLING OFF!!!  I had to hike them up every 1/8 mile while running.  Ugh.  It slowed my pace down.  I pondered pausing my run and taking them off but then I knew that my legs would stiffen so I opted not to.  The last half mile I ran fast, holding my capris up.  Hahahah.  Lesson: if you’re layering over slick running tights, make sure the top layer has a DRAW STRING.  🙂

Happy running!

This could have made my run last night easier!

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