Product Review: Women’s Nike Dash Solid 3″ Running Shorts

Front view of the Nike Dash 3" shorts.

Front view of the Nike Dash 3″ shorts.

Earlier this week, I was shopping at Academy Sports for my Disney Princess Half-Marathon running costume and I came across Nike’s Dash Solid 3″ Running Shorts.  The race is 22 days away so it’s time to practice in the stuff I’m running in.  Here’s my review after my first run with them!

First impressions: I usually run in capris and longer shorts and skirts, so when I saw these short-shorts in the store I was intimidated.   I have inner thighs that will never disappear so I like to hide them.  But, they were the perfect color for my Elsa costume so I had to buy them.  I’m happy to say that these shorts hide my thighs AND they are roomy in the thigh area.  They look great on!  The wide waist band keeps my little tummy pooch in, but the top of the band sticks out and does not lie flush.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but some might not like how that looks with skin tight running tops.  I don’t give two *beeps*.  Hehhe.   There is a drawstring in the front, and a small ID/iPod pocket in the back.

Drawstring!  Essential for any run!

Drawstring! Essential for any run!

Media or ID packet at the back of the Nike Dash shorts.

Media or ID packet at the back of the Nike Dash shorts.

Running in the shorts: I took the tags off, put them on, dropped my car off at the shop and ran 11 miles this morning.  It was about 50 degrees and cloudy.  These shorts were awesome.  They are so light and flowy and they made me forget about how short they are.

After the run:  I practiced yoga in my shorts and I did not have to hike up the shorts in any position, which is unusual.  I think these shorts have quickly become a favorite for yoga!

After running in longer shorts, skirts, capris and scoffing at tiny shorts, I have definitely changed my mind.  There is more room to move with these Dash 3″ shorts that I might have to buy more pairs, or ones like it.  Lesson for today?  Keep that mind open, Leilani.  Short-shorts doesn’t mean that you’re a hoochie-runner!  🙂

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