A Medal Fit for a Princess!

Bling…  Hardware… Gongs…  Medals have been called many things.  But to me, I call any medal I get “an achievement“.  It’s a notch in the tree, a check mark off the bucket list.  A medal is something that I will wear and display proudly.  I have received only two medals from races, the first being a nautilus pendant that I wear EVERYDAY and the second from my first half-marathon.  I am so excited to receive my third medal, the 2014 Princess Half-Marathon from runDisney!

The Disney Princess Half-Marathon medals have always been made for “running royalty.”  Each medal has been decorated with a colored crown jewel, signifying the year of the race.

  • 2009 – Inaugural Royal Purple Heart
  • 2010 – Pristine White Diamond
  • 2011 – Emerald Green Diamond
  • 2012 – Royal Purple Diamond
  • 2013 – three  Pretty Pink Diamonds to signify the 5th anniversary of the race
The past Princess Half-Marathon medals from runDisney

The past Princess Half-Marathon medals from runDisney

The first four medals kept the same basic shape of Cinderella’s Castle resting on an oval.  2012’s medal received a new treatment of the logo which in my opinion made a more “magical” medal.  The others were more generic.  The fifth-anniversary medal was very well designed.  RunDisney captured what I call the “heart of a Princess.”  They realized that it takes strength, courage, and perseverance to run one of these races, the same qualities in every Disney Princess.  What better idea to give every finisher something that symbolizes that?

This year, RunDisney has revamped the overall design, foregoing the classic oval shape and keeping the “heart of a Princess” shape from last year’s medal.  This year’s jewel color is blue, my favorite color, and they also added blue detail to the logo.  I can’t wait to see this in person!

The 2014 Disney Princess Half-Marathon medal from runDisney.  It's perfect, in every way!

The 2014 Disney Princess Half-Marathon medal from runDisney. It’s perfect, in every way!

I’ll update this post after the runDisney Princess Half-Marathon Expo and post pictures.  I’ll also post what I do with my third medal EVER!  Stay tuned and happy running!!!

Update!!!  POST RACE!  I am a QUEEN!!!  Princesses every where were jingling with race bling post race.  As I wore mine the WHOLE day, I received so many congratulations from cast members AND other visitors at the park and the hotel.  Other princesses were calling each other “Your Highness” and “Princess” and were giggling from the runner’s high we all had…  WE DID IT!!!

Your medal was also the key to many discounts and privileges at the Downtown Disney After-Party!  So, future Princesses…  When you earn yours (not if, but WHEN), definitely wear it with pride all day and you’ll have your “happily ever after”!  *crying for joy*  Happy running!!!

The 2014 medal is even MORE pretty in person (and around your neck)!

The 2014 medal is even MORE pretty in person (and around your neck)!


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18 responses to “A Medal Fit for a Princess!

  1. I had no idea the different medals had different colored gems! How neat! I’m really looking forward to getting my medal this year. I have one from 2010 and its one of my favorites. This will be my second PHM and I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. I’m so in love with last year and this years medals. I think they are so much more flattering than the oval. I also love this blue color this year!

  3. I’m a history nut, so I LOVED reading about the evolution of this beautiful “gong”. (I admit I never heard that expression before!) Last year was my first go at the Princess Half Marathon, and I was thrilled with its 5th anniversary upgrade. I like that it keeps evolving, and that they have changed it again. I’ll reserve judgement on which style I like best when they are both hanging around my neck. 😀 Best of luck on your race, and thank you so much for joining the blog hop Leilani!

  4. I can’t wait to add #4 to my collection! I think I prefer the last 2 years to the previous design, but they are all awesome!

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