Workout Paces – Do You Know Yours?

I just learned something new today: how to figure out what my workout paces should be, and it’s all thanks to the Nike Run Club’s pace chart. 

First, run a “magic mile” or a timed mile. You can even run two or three of them. Take your best magic mile, and look at the pace chart’s left column. Use the numbers to the right of your mile pace as a reference for your various workouts. 

For example, my “magic mile” is 7:20.  I feel great at that pace, and I’m not too winded afterwards. If a workout calls for an 800-meter interval at my 5K pace, then I’d run that interval at 8:05 (my 7:20 pace is closer to 7:30, so I went with 7:30).

Jeff Galloway also has a formula you can use:

Take your one-mile time trial time and adjust to find a potential fast pace for you, in each race:

  • 5K—add 33 seconds
  • 10K—multiply by 1.15
  • half marathon—multiply by 1.2
  • marathon—multiply by 1.3

(

Now that you know what I know, I hope your workouts are really productive! 

I want to hear what your magic miles are! Write them down below!

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