Having Trouble with Your Brooks Ghost 9s?

Ahh…  My Ghost 9s…  My first pair was AWESOME.  I was able to get 500+ miles on them before they started showing any serious wear.  They were ready out of the box, literally.  My feet felt the right amount of cushion and support.  My back didn’t hurt after long distances.  I felt great!

It was a different story with my second pair.  I bought them at an expo, and because my first pair was great, I assumed nothing would be different.  I took them out for a day the Disney Parks to break them in, then I ran a full marathon in them.  I was feeling great until mile 19 when I sprained my right ankle.  Ugh.

Fast forward to two months later. Here I am, ready to get running again.  I put my Ghosts on, and immediately after my first steps, my right foot experienced similar symptoms to plantar fasciitis.  It was!  Since then, every time I’d WALK in these shoes, I’d get the WORST plantar pain.  I thought the shoes were the cause of my condition.  My first pair wasn’t like this AT ALL.

As a result, I started running in a different pair.  But every now and then, I’d try out my Ghosts.  It was too painful and I was always sore the next day.

I’m a stubborn person and I want to wear these shoes (my husband spent a good dollar on these!), so yesterday I took out my inserts and tried my Ghosts on.  Holy cow…  My feet loved it.  I walked around, went up and down steps…  No pain.  Later that day, I took it a step further and placed inserts from my Ghost 7s inside.  OH…  MAN…  They feel like my first pair of 9s.  Comfort!  After a quick 5K, no plantar fasciitis!

I woke up this morning and my legs weren’t sore.  I didn’t have to massage the bottom of my foot before I got out of bed.  I think I found the reason for my condition!  Score!!!

My friend, Summer, is also experiencing problems with her new Ghosts and I told her about my solution.  I’ll let you know what happens soon!

Are you having problems with your Ghost 9s?  Tell me about it below!

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