Plantar Fasci-Ouch-Ouch!

Have you ever gotten out of bed, took a step, and suddenly have a BURN on the inside of your heel?  It feels like something is going to tear, right?  Hello, PLANTAR FASCIITIS!  It all started with my sprained ankle from my marathon earlier this year.  Two weeks had passed and I felt my ankle was strong again, so I went for a run… without warming up.  My calves were really tight and I aggravated my tendons on the bottom of my foot.  I got up the next morning, took a step, and BOOM!  There was a pain in my heel and my arch area.  It BURNED.  Since then, I don’t take a step out of bed until I roll my ankles and stretch my calves.  That was more than three months ago and I’m fed up.  Time to really do something about it!

I sprained my ankle during the 2017 WDW Marathon at mile 19. UGH!

What next?  Well for me, I try to understand it.  Here’s a link to a good video from Runners World.  “Dr. Metzl breaks down what plantar fasciitis is, what its symptoms are, and what the best treatment options for the condition are. If you’re feeling tightness or stiffness in your heel or plantar fascia, especially after a workout, be on the lookout for other symptoms of plantar fasciitis and come up with a treatment plan.”  Looks like I still have to ice my foot to bring the blood flow so it can heal.  Ugh.  Ice.

My next step is finding how to cure it.  Here’s another video I found on Runners World.  These exercises focus on the calves and the arches, which will help strengthen and stretch the tendons and muscles associated with plantar fasciitis.  I just tried it and it feels better.

I pray that I can overcome this.  A lot of people are counting on me to inspire them!  🙂

Have you had plantar fasciitis?  How long did it take you to heal?  What did you do to heal it?

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