Yeah… I like this Spartan Stuff

I finished my second Spartan race, this time in my hometown of Jacksonville.  I am pleased to say that I COMPLETED THE ATLAS CARRY and the SPEAR THROW!  I also was able to clear the 6′ and 7′ walls by myself!  I ran a clean race and ended up doing 150 burpees.  Not bad.


It was in the 40s but the sun was out which helped because this Super course featured a walk in a LAKE.  The water came up to just below my sternum and the current was enough to pull me off course.  I had to swim in some areas.  It’s what happens when you’re 4’10” and a light weight.  And the wetness didn’t stop there.  There was knee-deep mud everywhere on the course so I couldn’t hardly run.  The mud sucked in my legs and was so slippery when it was shallow.  The water and mud were so cold that it took your breath away.  I was fine because I kept moving, but my teeth started chattering after I crossed the finish line and I slowed down.


Not only did I have to avoid the mud, but tree roots, too.  They looked like tangles of Jack and the Beanstalk vines and I had to climb over them because they were tall.


It was a fun race.  One of the best moments was seeing my friends Sandy and Robert before my wave was green lighted.  They volunteered that morning and their shift ended when I was supposed to race.  It was an awesome surprise!  Another cool thing that happened was I found with two wonderful people to race with.  We met in the corral and just stuck with each other.  I’m not sure they want me to put their names in this post, but you can see them in the fire jump photo.


I’m so happy to be a Spartan.  It’s made me physically stronger and given me loads of confidence.  The only “bad” thing is that I haven’t been running that much.  Oops.  That’s gonna change since my hubby wants to run another half marathon this fall.  AWESOME!!!


Here’s a question for my readers:

Should I shorten the length of my runs to half marathons and below, or should I still run marathons and 50Ks”  Lemme know in the comments below or on Facebook (LegItLeilani)!  Until next time!  Stay safe, healthy, and keep moving!  Get out there!

You can’t see it, but the fire was a lot higher than last time.

Bucket carry? No problem.

This barbed wire crawl featured a steep hill. Loved it.

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