The Next Race – B4 Corporate Run 5K


Once again, I have volunteered my services and posted myself as team captain for my company.  This year, we will be…  The Virtual Runners of SMT!  My goals this year was to:

  • boost participation (last year only myself and RJ ran), and
  • get people in my company to be healthier

We work in a great office plaza with great sidewalks to walk and run, and I want these co-workers of mine to be around for a long time.  They’re like my brothers and sisters, you know?

So here goes…  My training program for the B4 2015 Corporate Run 5K!

WEEK 1: 21 Mi
Sun 29-Mar Half Marathon Dist: 13.22 Mi @8:48
Tue 31-Mar Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi 10:05
Sat 4-Apr Long Run Dist: 5 Mi @10:05
WEEK 2: 13 Mi
Mon 6-Apr Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:53
Wed 8-Apr Speedwork Dist: 4 Mi, inc Warm; 2×1600 in 8:01 w/800 jogs; Cool
Sat 11-Apr Long Run Dist: 5 Mi @9:53
WEEK 3: 8 Mi
Sun 12-Apr Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @9:51
Mon 13-Apr Speedwork Dist: 3 Mi, inc Warm; 2×800 in 3:43 w/400 jogs; Cool
Thu 16-Apr 5K Race Day 5K @7:47, Time: 24:10

Is your company participating in a company run?  Are they paying for your registration and creating team shirts for you?  Lemme know!  Happy running!

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