The Importance of Setting a Goal After a Race

I don’t know about you, but I get antsy around 24 hours after finishing a race.  I guess I feel that I should be doing SOMETHING, or I’ll lose what I’ve achieved from training over the past few months.  If I don’t make a goal for myself, I’m scared that I’ll stop running.  Does that make sense?  I need a GOAL, and it needs to be scheduled.

So I’ve reached that critical time after my last race, and I’ve searched my usual websites for the next races.  I’ve got two races in my sights that I’ve never done before: the USO Armed Forces Half Marathon in October, and the Donna Marathon next February.  I’ve scheduled the training programs on Garmin Connect, and training starts in June.  Now I need to find a race in June to cover April and May.  Why?  If it’s not on paper, or on my watch, it’s easy for me to deny myself a run.  Ha.  I need these runs to be scheduled!

Ooh!  I’ve found another race that I’ve never done before…  Bridge of Lions 5K in July!  Or should I Run for the Pies in June?  It’s a 5K as well, but there’s FAST people in that race.  Hmm…  What do you think I should do?  Write your comments down below and I’ll register for the race with the most votes:  Bridge of Lions, or Run for the Pies!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy runnings!

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