Motivation, Motivation, and Motivation

This morning, a friend of mine requested that I blog about how I get motivated to run, specifically after a long hiatus (my first request!).  He loves running and he’s a running veteran, but he’s been taken out by plantar faciatis.  Now that he’s ready to get out there, he’s not motivated to do so because he has to go through the hard stage, the stage where thing are not in sync.  I totally get it.

I went through two pregnancies without running.  Coming back was difficult, but I was determined to get back to it.  I’d look at pictures of myself before I got pregnant, especially running pictures.  I’d force myself to compare the then-and-now and I’d tell myself that I could do that again.  I took things slow coming back.  At the end of every week, I’d look at my mileage and keep note of my pace.  Then at the end of every month, I’ll check my mileage and pace again, and compare it to last month.  It went on like that for about a year.

Once I got comfortable with myself, I’d start looking at my friends’ stats and see where I was in relation to them.  I’d pick someone’s pace and work to get there.  Once I reached it, I’d pick another friend’s pace or mileage.  I always remembered to be realistic with my goals.  And now two years later, I am one of the fastest ladies in my age group (I just realized this fact this morning).  Hehehe!

There are monthly motivational issues as well, and it’s called “being a female.”  Being a woman means that every month you have to deal with a duration of fatigue, and believe it or not, it is DIFFICULT to even get out of bed.  How do I do it?  I remind myself how sorry and terrible I’d feel at myself if I didn’t get my run in.  “If I skip a day, then I’ll ruin my schedule.” And then I’ll make sure I’m vocal about my issue.  Ask my husband.  He’ll do anything in his power to get me out of the house because he knows how bratty I’ll be if I don’t get my run in.  Oh, my honey.  🙂

I also have daily motivational issues.  Lately, I have been susceptible to barometric changes and my head will go into migraine/dizzy mode.  On most days, my migraine will stay on the left side and I can deal with it and go for a run.  I used to have chronic migraines and that’s where they were.  I doesn’t pound too much on my left side so I can will myself to get dressed and head out.  “If I can work with a migraine, I can run with a migraine.”  Once I get used to the rhythm of my feet, my headache goes away.  Interesting!  BUT if my migraine is on the right side…  WHOA, MOMMA, there is NO running for me.  Shut the door, the lights, the TV, the radio, and leave me ALONE.  “Shh, be quiet.  Mommy needs to sleep,” I say as tears are running down my face.  I can’t run if I get dizzy either.  Can you say “face plant?”  Haha.

So, there you have it.  That’s how I get motivated to do what I do.  I hope you got something out of today’s blog.  What do you do to get outside or on that treadmill?  Reply below, and maybe you’ll help all of us get outside again!

Happy MOTIVATED running!

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